Consistent issues with textures of CGI models


Hi there, thanks in advance for any help. I keep running into this issue. I haven’t found a CGI model that works well yet. In Zapworks Studio, the texture looks fine. I’m using a JPEG image for the texture. When I view it through the Zappar app, this is how it looks. Any ideas?



Hi @msirois,

Could you send through your project’s zpp file and the 3D model (along with all textures) over to for me to take a closer look at please?



Hi all,

I replied to @msirois’s email but thought it would be worth mentioning here in case anyone else comes across a similar issue.

It seems the issue with the model was due to the material type used on the model.

Lighting materials require the use of a light in the scene in order to render properly.

If anyone plans on using lighting materials in their experiences feel free to check out our Lighting articles and video from our documentation site.

All the best,