Congratulations 2020 Graduates


Here is something we did for Tulsa Community College. A piece like this was mailed to each graduate. The pop out forms a stage.

When you scan the code below, a video plays. With the printed piece the speaker in the video is positioned on the stage. The video is about 90 seconds and there is a 3D model affect at the end.


Hey @eric1,

What a great use of AR - the little podium is a cool touch! I’m sure the graduates will love it :smiley:

We have a monthly showreel that we use as an opportunity to highlight interesting experiences created by our ZapWorks users. Would you be happy for us to include your experience in this month’s video by any chance?

All the best,

P.S. For anyone looking to create an experience that uses alpha video (green screen footage) like Eric’s, check out our documentation here.


Yes, Sebastian, you can use it in this month’s video. That would be great.


Perfect - thanks Eric! :smiley: