Color Picker


@simon I’m looking to make the same color picker you did in the zapbox kickstarter.
There wouldn’t happen to be a chance you could share the code to it? or help point me the right direction.



Colour scroller

Hi Steve,

We didn’t go through our full project process for those quick demos for the Kickstarter video so finding the zpp files for them 3 years later is going to be challenging. I’ll do a bit of digging though, as it would also be useful for ZapBrush!

In terms of how it was done my guess is the main colour panel has two layers with essentially a white-to-transparent circular gradient centred on the top-right corner, on top of the white and black layer. Then just setting the color of the top gradient image would give that kind of look. It might not be exactly the HSV values if you were to manually generate the 2D panel for each chosen hue, but as we don’t have an API for setting pixels in textures I imagine that was the way it was done.


Managed to find it and wrapped it into a quick demo scene for you:
colorDemo.zpp (246.4 KB)

My guess was pretty much correct - there are a couple of layers, but it’s quite a neat implementation actually (I didn’t write it so I’m allowed to say that!)


You rock @simon!! I cant wait to play with it!