Collide two objects


is there any Ready zpp file for 2 objects, that when 1 object will collide the other . some state be activated.
or timeline will be played.
that will be helpful.
Thank you all.


Hi @eliaskhs,

Studio does not support physics, so any object collision is simulated.

This can be done by implementing trigger regions relative to the desired collision objects. These trigger regions can then be set up so when another object enters the region, a trigger enter event is called. In your case, this trigger enter event will activate a state or a timeline.

Please take a look at our documentation on Trigger Regions to find out how they can be set up in a scene!

Hope this helps and please let us know if you have any further questions about this.



Hello George, i sent you mail, because i can not attached zpp file here .
can you please check it ?

Thank you …