Choosing Software to Generate 2D Animation for Studio


hi everyone. i’m a COMPLETE novice with zap works. i’m a commercial graphic designer in the print industry for 20 years and am teaching myself all things UI. i have a pretty basic question.

what’s the best software to use to create 2D animation, with the intention of importing into Studio?

i have full-access creative could, and am also open to non-adobe products if that’s what’s best. thanks in advance for your help.

~ shai


I don’t think we can import 2d animation. only 3d animations.
Maybe if you made a video file… past that I think you would need to use timelines with images.
I could be wrong…



good info steve, thanks so much. is there a particular software you would recommend for generating the 3D animation? also, what file type would you recommend?

thanks again! cheers


I’m more a coder than a modeler. I play with blender its a free program.
as for animation you can only use FBX and POD files.
I would look at this doc…
Supported Formats and Requirements



thanks again. helpful. i did check out that doc before i posted my question. i understand what a POD is, i just have no idea how to make one… because i’m not a coder. i know i’ll get it but this is tricky. :woman_facepalming:t4:


They have much better docs now then when I started about that.
exporting 3d models
Just go down the page to the program you want to use and follow the steps.



i owe you a beer. thanks steve. :beer:


Is there no way to create a 2d animation to run with an alpha channel? png stack?