Choosing Software to Generate 2D Animation for Studio

hi everyone. i’m a COMPLETE novice with zap works. i’m a commercial graphic designer in the print industry for 20 years and am teaching myself all things UI. i have a pretty basic question.

what’s the best software to use to create 2D animation, with the intention of importing into Studio?

i have full-access creative could, and am also open to non-adobe products if that’s what’s best. thanks in advance for your help.

~ shai

I don’t think we can import 2d animation. only 3d animations.
Maybe if you made a video file… past that I think you would need to use timelines with images.
I could be wrong…


good info steve, thanks so much. is there a particular software you would recommend for generating the 3D animation? also, what file type would you recommend?

thanks again! cheers

I’m more a coder than a modeler. I play with blender its a free program.
as for animation you can only use FBX and POD files.
I would look at this doc…
Supported Formats and Requirements


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thanks again. helpful. i did check out that doc before i posted my question. i understand what a POD is, i just have no idea how to make one… because i’m not a coder. i know i’ll get it but this is tricky. :woman_facepalming:t4:

They have much better docs now then when I started about that.
exporting 3d models
Just go down the page to the program you want to use and follow the steps.



i owe you a beer. thanks steve. :beer:

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Is there no way to create a 2d animation to run with an alpha channel? png stack?

you can use Cross_platform software for 2d animation

Since this thread is potentially active again. There’s a few ways to go about 2D animation within Studio.

First off, you can just use the Timeline functions and animate assets this way. Through clever use of folders and subsymbols, you can even create paper doll type characters within studio itself. You’ll just need to export PNGs from your preferred illustration software (I use Adobe Illustrator for my projects)

If you would like to animate outside of Studio, you can use something like Adobe After Effects to create an animation and import it into studio as a .mp4 file. You’ll want to check out the video documentation for how to handle video files in Studio as it can be tricky to get alpha video into Studio itself.


Thanks for the information guys, it’s very useful for a beginner like me.

Yes, Ive found many free programs, but not all of them are as good as their description says. I won't recommend them. If the purpose of using these programs is commercial, its better to buy a licensed version with full functionality for the most comfortable work. Also, dont forget that this way you support the developers wholl continue to improve their product. Moreover, if you’re a beginner, then you should definitely learn a quality program. In order not to overpay, I advise you to use Vyond Coupon Code 2022 ($$$ discount) - June Promo Codes. This will save your money.

If you need 3D Animation software, Blender, Maya, 3ds max and Cinema 4D are the most popular options.