Changing when the user has to place the object in a world tracked experience

Hi all,

I was wondering whether it was at all possible to change when the user has to place the object in a world tracked experience? It seems to be that the object has to be placed first as default regardless of whether you hide or disable the object and I really want to be able to display a screen when the experience starts and allow the user to place the object once they click a button on the screen?

Is this possible?


Hi @dani.kalman,

It is indeed possible. You’ll want to comment out the line activating the initial activation of the user move state in the subsymbol and then call that in your main parent symbol.

I’ve created a quick example with a modified world tracking subsymbol:
World Tracking 3D Model Tap to Start Example.zpp (13.7 MB)

You’ll notice that I have a script node under the button in the Hierarchy. As the world tracking subsymbol is modified, all you need to do is call:


I’m then also hiding the button group when tapped (using a controller + state), so it’s not overlaying the screen.

Please note, this method won’t work using the standard world tracking subsymbol found in Studio. If you want to use this method, you can use the subsymbol here:
World Tracking Ground Placement - modifed.zpp (1.1 MB)

Hope this helps.


Hi George,

That’s brilliant thanks :slight_smile:

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