Change Launch External Website messaging


Yea I used the link and the code @connell has in a button.
I just changed the address to

(Z.device as any).launchWebFrame(“”, res => {
console.log(“The user has closed the frame”);

What I would love to do is play YouTube videos thru this!!!



You can play YouTube videos through it - just make sure you use the “embed” URL, not the standard one, or it’ll get blocked; YouTube doesn’t like being framed otherwise. Stick this in the launchWebFrame line, for example, and it oughta work:

Check it out: scan this…

…and do what the bunny tells you.


Love the bunny!!!


Ps. got my code to work!!


This would make everyone happy, I reckon. Current behaviour carries on as normal (URLs open on new tabs after a modal confirmation dialog), but for situations where we want to re-use the current tab, we bypass the confirmation. One tap and our customers are taken straight where they want to go.

I get my reduced friction, and @marks’ clients can have their fresh tabs.

Rather than asking for an ETA—it may take time for you to assess the effort on implementing/testing this—could you give us an ETA on the ETA? That modal confirmation is a real pain point for us; every single point of friction costs us sales, so it could be worth us waiting for it to be implemented before we roll out our AR thing.