Change Launch External Website messaging



Is there a way to change what the messaging says when the user clicks on a button that Lanches an external URL or phone number?


Are you talking about the sub symbol buttons in zapworks?



Hi @paula.clark!

Do you mean during a WebAR experience? If so there currently isn’t a way but we’d love to hear the sort of things you might want to say in this dialog :slight_smile:



@connell Yes in WebAR when you redirect to a URL or phone number, this message pops up:

I have it going to a USSD code and some devices ask what program you want to open with. Was thinking it could rather say something about it dailing a number or something else that would make the user realise to open a keypad and not a browser.


Hi, is there currently a solution to this? Would love to be able to change ‘Launch External Website’ to custom text such as ‘Add Event to Calendar’ etc.