Change colour of the interface at top of the screen


I am currently stuck with the Zappar red banner, would like to customise it but can’t see where it’s done in Studio.



Hi there,

The red banner found at the top of the screen on your phone is part of the Zappar App, which can’t be changed.

However, the red banner can be removed if a Custom App package is purchased. See here for more details.

Hope this helps,


But that’s weird because I have changed it before to different colours but now can’t remember how I did it…


Do you mean this?

  • Right click on root and then new > device
  • Then when you’ve got Device selected, the theme colour in properties will change the colour of the bar


That’s the one!!



Sorry about this, I thought you were referring to a different topic!

The colour can also be changed by using the themeColor function, as seen here.

Hope this helps,


Perfect, thanks