Card track image won't disappear



I’m making a card tracked experience that when loaded, the user can look into the card (example Augmented Portal Space Example). I have a 3D box behind the card tracking image with 2d planes animating inside of it.

I got the square mask to work to hide anything that pops out to the sides of the card, but I can’t get the card track image to disappear to be able to look “inside” it. Rather, the inside of the 3D box won’t appear, and the 2D planes are projected on top of the tracking image (when orbiting I can see it is set behind the card track as it should be). Any thoughts on why the card tracking image wouldn’t be disappearing?

Root Heirarchy

Box is a symbol. Box properties.


After playing around with it more, by changing the box “Cull faces” setting from inherit to “none”, the box showed up. Not sure what it means but it works now lul