Can't Publish project, says "Please check that you have a good network connection"


Issue: It was working fine, but i had this problem, everytime I try to publish it says: “Please check that you have a good network connection.” But I’ve checked and my connection is fine, and restart mac, tried to sign out and sign again, but it still doesn’t work, i’m on a mac, saw a similar problem but on a pc.


Hi @vasco.rodrigues.simo i had the same problem last week. Found this question and someone shared a solution that worked for them and me. Kinda tedious, you have to do a clean uninstall; uninstall and remove any other remaining folders/files. But export your projects first. Hope this helps.


Where are you seeing that message? I’ve noticed that if I try to preview something on my phone, but the link is out of date (those preview zap codes are only valid for 5 minutes) it tends to say there’s a network connection problem, rather than saying something more useful.

I suspect that Network connection error is a kinda catchall / fallback error message if something fails; something to log as a bug I suppose