Can't NAME new project in Studio


I change NAME and add ICON when adding new target/project, but then the name defaults to “default” name. [See screenshots] And there seems to be no way to change the name once it has defaulted to “default” name.


Hi Airbush,

The name of your project can be changed by clicking on the text field as highlighted below:

Once you’ve done this, the appearance will change to reflect this in the ZapWorks home page.

What you’ve shared in your image is how to change what your experience will look like inside the Zappar App’s ‘Favourites’ or ‘Recent Zaps’ tab.

As for your second image, what appears on the card is a brief preview image of your experience, but as you’ve created Studio projects, a preview image can’t be generated. However, if you’ve created Designer or Widgets projects and added content to them, you’ll be able to see the preview image.

Hope this helps, and let us know how you get on.



Got it! Thanks, Bob!!