Can't make a GIF via web-version

Hi everyone!

Any suggestions how to make it possible to have a GIF func via web-version? I want to be able to share photos/gifs as well through…

Hi @iryna,

Welcome to ZapWorks! :tada:

.GIF recording for WebAR using ZapWorks Studio is currently unsupported due to browser restrictions which are out of our control. We do of course have a handy ‘Take Snapshot’ Action and two photo feature subsymbol templates for taking, saving and sharing photographs! :camera_flash:

Additionally, we have a simple to use photo UI which you can use in ZapWorks Designer which will allow users to save or share static photos.

If you are a confident code developer, feel free to attempt this in a library of your choice with the addition of our Universal AR SDKs! :muscle:

Have a great day!
Francesca :blush: