"Can't load plugin" error



There’s an error after loading Studio. Screenshot: http://prntscr.com/lj8474
Can anyone help me with this?

Win 10.


Hey @el.sevastyanov,

This error is usually caused by an antivirus/firewall software on the system blocking a plugin in Studio from running. Could you please try temporarily disabling these, or adding Studio to your whitelist, on your PC and try re-opening ZapWorks Studio?

Let me know if you still have issues :slight_smile:

All the best,


Hello @el.sevastyanov,

I had the same problem. Hope you find a way to repair this because since this happend I couldn’t indentify the problem or even solute it. I’ll be watching this post if you solute it, tell us please :smiley:

att, Higão.


Thank you for answer, but it didn’t work for me ) firewall/av disabled completely, but something still blocks this plug-in. On another PC everythin is fine, even while firewall is ON.


@Seb This same problem here. I’ve added everything to white list it didn’t work so i’ve turned off Windows Firewall and Avast. Still this error occures. Please fix it


Hi @michalsalajart and @el.sevastyanov,

It seems as though something is blocking the Studio plugin from running.

Would it be possible for you both to send the specifications of the PC/Mac you are using to support@zappar.com?

This will help us try to replicate the problem and find a solution.

Look forward to trying to get to the bottom of this for you! :slight_smile:



Same problem here, no firewall, no antivirus, …

What kind of addons does it need? OpenGL?

Running on a laptop with Intel HD Graphics 3000, win10 64bits.


Hi @izorrilla008,

I have logged this with our technical team.

As soon as we find a solution we will let you know on here.

Please also do let us know if you find a fix your end!



Hi guys,

Not sure if this will fix the issue for everyone, but worth a try -

We have been informed by a user that admin rights may be blocking the plug-ins from working and therefore, causing this issue.

Running Studio on the admin user of the PC may solve this issue.

Please give this a go and let us know if this fixes the problem! :slight_smile:



Hello, George.

Unfortunately, it didn’t help. Still have this error.

UPD. The error looks exactly like Adobe Flash error http://prntscr.com/nh3ipk


Hi @el.sevastyanov,

This issue arises because something is blocking Studio from running. Without knowing what software is on that specific computer, it is difficult to pinpoint what is the cause.

You could try closing all software that is running in the background to see if it is having any effect.

Hope this helps.



Any news on this? I have the same problem. Clean windows installation, no firewall, no antivirus, no other programs, being admin, still: Couldn’t load plug-in.


Hi, same problem here on one of my machines. An old iMac (24’’, 2007), OsX 10.11.6, 4Gb, ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro 256 MB, no firewalls, no strange SW etc.

  1. does Zapworks Studio save any kind of log file? We could help you trobleshoot the problem.
  2. I am attaching the system report of this machine.

iMac.spx.zip (277.0 KB)


OK. Got it from my machine system logs. Please find the crash dump attached.

ZapWorks Studio Helper_2019-07-26-165909_iBabMac.crash.zip (16.0 KB)


someone managed to fix this error?


Same problem here, any fix to this?


Hi all,

There are a few reasons as to why this might be happening.

As mentioned before, there could be something blocking Studio from running correctly. Please double check you aren’t running Studio on another user (restarting the device can check for this). You can also try temporarily disabling any antivirus or firewalls that may be interfering and try reloading Studio.

It can also happen when the systems language setting is set to Portuguese due to the unique decimal separation technique used. Please try changing the language setting of the system you are using (if set to Portuguese) and try loading Studio again.

If the username on the user account contains accented characters, Studio can sometimes have some issues, like a blank viewport or couldn’t load plugin error. You can check the user directory, for example c:\Users\ to check this. If there is an accented character, could you please try updating the username to remove the accented character (sorry if this is a pain) and try again? Alternatively, you could create a new user, which might be an easier route.

Please do let us know if these solve the issue for you, or if you find another fix, we’d love to know!



Hi George,
the problem for me was an accented character in my Windows username! Thanks for pointing that out. I’m on an another user account now and things are working like they’re supposed to.