Can't create project on


I was invited to join a workspace on I cannot create a project or view the projects from the owner. I downloaded the studio program and it won’t let me preview, view or publish. It asks me to login and I get the browser error. I’m using Google Chrome on a PC. When I try to do a new user, I can select the “business, student, hobby” but when i select them, there’s nothing to click below to advance or fill out. I’m a freelancer / 3D Artist needing to learn this program for a client.


Hi there,

We’re aware of login and platforms issues which occurred between 5 - 7PM BST on Jul 29 and we are currently investigating it. Apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

Please attempt to login to ZapWorks; you should be able to login successfully.

If you encounter any issues, I’d recommend you try the following to your browser:

  • Update your browser to it’s latest version.
  • Try to clear the cookies and cache from your browser, as well as disable any scripts/ extensions running on it, then try again.
  • If those do not help, consider trying a different browser, such as Chrome or FireFox.

Please let us know which browser you used to access ZapWorks when encountering login issues (if you’re still encountering these issues and you’re able to, open up the console and send us the output when logging in to ZapWorks).

All the best,


Hi Bob,

I’m still having issues. I am using Chrome, when I view the published projects on the teams list. It says to download the studio. I downloaded the studio and can’t view the project or even see it. I am still having issues publishing or viewing a project. It asks me for my google email. I put my email in and it kicks back “saying this app / browser may not be secure” it’s using the in-program browser it seems. Any other thoughts?