Cant access class/method inside namespace Zappar


how to access class/method/variable inside namespace Zappar, for example trying to access public variable that i add inside ZapparInstantTrackingTarget script and i already add using Zappar on top of my script but still cant access it. any solution?


You should be able to access any public parameters/methods as usual via the object reference.

However do note the following points:

  • Some scripts are declared as internal. So you won’t be able to access them outside of Assembly definition (Zappar.UAR). [Not the case with instant tracking script]
  • If you’re trying to access these in an another package (outside of main unity project), do add “Zappar.UAR” as a dependency to the new AsmDef.
  • Lastly as an advice, avoid editing zappar scripts directly and try extending them in your own project (i.e. inheritance).