Can We Be Provided With The Ideal Tracking Image?



Would someone from Zappar provide us with what you folks feel is the best tracking image, or at least a very good one?

If you will, I am certain it will be a top notch, essential tool for testing, and hopefully won’t take you too long to produce.

A lot of times we have trouble getting just the right tracking image to avoid wobble. There are a few posts about this, with directions to documentation trgarding how to make sure you have the best possible experience. However, in my experience, I’ve tried to follow the directions carefully, and even tried to use tried and true methods (ie. a dollar bill), and have still experienced wobble.

Providing us with, what you feel is an ideal tracking image, will allow us to test our experiences with it, and let us know whether our wobble is something you’re working through with the technology, or whether it is indeed our tracking image.



Hi Shawn,

A good tracking image is one which is flat, highly contrasted and with lots of detail. Try to avoid using high contrast patterns though, as the phone’s camera can mistake the positioning of your AR experience on those patterns. Remember to keep the image as diverse as possible. It could be that a lack of detail, contrast or flatness of an image may be causing the experience to be wobbly.

I’ve attached one good example of an image which we used to test our AR experiences here at Zappar for the Space Competition we ran earlier this year, where you would place the zapcode in the bottom right hand corner of the tracking image.

Unfortunately, we don’t really have an ideal tracking image that we currently use, however the one we’ve attached seemed to do the job nicely at the time.

At least you’ve been experimenting with what tracking images work and which don’t :slight_smile: We’d like to hear your experiences with which tracking images have worked well for you so far, and which haven’t.

Hope this image helps you out anyhow, and we’d be glad to hear from you.