Can I only purchase PDF print documents?

I am a student from Asia,Mailing costs are too expensive for me.I understand that you want to protect your creativity. Can you open a paid PDF print file to download?Thanks.

Thanks for your message.

We do recognise the current shipping costs are a bit high, and we’re looking to bring them down for the next batch of ZapBoxes we produce. We’re also considering what to do with the print-at-home PDFs - the current version was just for “beta”-level Kickstarter backers to fill the time before their kits arrived.

We will make a decision on the future of the print-at-home PDFs over the next couple of months. We’re considering offering them as a free download, but need to think through the impact of that on ZapBox sales, and whether Kickstarter backers who pledged additional funds for access to the PDFs would feel short-changed.

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thank you for your reply. Your creation is really great. I wish you all the best in your work and let more people experience the charm of technology.