Can I connect a Universal AR project with a Studio project using deeplinks?

Hi, I’m new to Zapworls and I’m trying to open a Studio project from a button in the UI from Universal AR. I tried with a deeplink, but it open a Zappar Launch page. Can I do this without the user tapping in the launch button. Thanks

Hi @max.ojeda,

The launch button is necessary due to browser restrictions, we need a user-initiated event in order to:

  • Request permission to access device motion data
  • On some platforms, to request permission to access the camera
  • To play audio

This is only for Studio / Designer made experiences. For Universal AR made projects, you don’t specially need a launch page as you have full control over the website you are creating so can ask for user permissions at any given time during your project.

Let me know if you have any questions about this.


Thanks @George, now I understand why did the launch page display every time :smiley:


Hi @George !
Just wondering if it’s possible to do this the other way around?
Put a button inside the the studio that launches webAR experience?

If you want to link an AR experience from inside a different AR experience, you can add an “On Tap>Launch Web Link” action to any plane node.

Once you add the action to your plane (i.e. the button you create in the experience) you can then enter the deeplink URL into the URL field.


For more information, I suggest checking out the Buttons and Interactivity documentation, as well as the Image Tracking Project Template, which features a button that launches a web link.