Can a Zapcode be configured to only work in my app?


We’re planning to build our own app and embed the Zappar AR experience into the app using the simple modal view controller / activity as described in the docs.

Is it then possible to configure zap codes (through the Designer or Widget tool) that are only able to be recognised in our own app, so not recognised using the general Zappar app (or any other app with the Zappar AR experience embedded in it)?



Hi Mick,

I recommend you read the web page here for more information on general information on our Custom App/ App Embed packages. An App Embed allows you to add our Zappar App technology to your app.

Once you sign up with a trial, or have an established business/ education account, we can offer you a trial of our App Embed package, which will give you access to the SDK, but not the API key. Read the documentation here to understand how you’d implement App Embed.

If you’d like to change your zapcodes so that they are not recognised by the traditional Zappar App, you’d need to alter the zapcode to a different design, such as change the logo in the middle of a zapcode to your company’s logo (this is called a Custom Zapcode). This would require you to purchase a Custom App Package (a Custom Zapcode with App Embed).

If you’d like to know more about purchasing or pricing options, for either an App Embed or Custom App package, please contact us at for further information.

Hope this information helps :slight_smile:

All the best,


Hi Bob, thanks for the info. The ‘Custom Zapcode’ is exactly what I was fishing for.