Camera Timer


Is it possible for taking photos with the camera that has a countdown option. Example the current default is tap to take photo or option 3 second delay.



Hi @lenis,

This is an interesting one and there are a couple of ways you can achieve this:

  1. A three-second timeline and listen for the timeline complete event -> once fired, take a snapshot.

  2. Run a Z.after() and set the value to 3000ms (3 sec) and then take a snapshot. Please note - This may occur some number of milliseconds beyond the specified interval due to variable frame times.

I would personally go for the timeline (1) method. You can then alter a text object each second for the countdown to be visible to the user.

Hope this helps.



Hi George,

Thank you so much this is great I will give it a try. I was wanting to set up a project similar to the 3D Photo Feature from the Zapworks tutorials. Although wanting to give the person a chance to set there phone on a tripod and set camera to take snapshot as they move into position.