Camera not visible on 2020.3.8f1 + URP + WebGL

Hi, I’m developing a project for WebGL and the camera background is not working neither on Play Mode nor on builds. There is movement happening, so it may be reading the camera color, but it isn’t visible on the screen, I can only see the 3D Models and Unity Skybox.

I am using Zappar Universal AR and the objects from the Instant Tracking sample scene

Hello @aurepuertadev,

Couple of things to check would be:

  • If you’re using Universal Render Pipeline, make sure to update your scene for SRP as well. Read more.
  • Ensure you’re using valid Graphics API supported by UAR. For WebGL it is WebGL 1.0 (or OpenGL ES 2.0).

It’s likely between these 2 configuration issues, otherwise do send a minimum reproducible project and we can give it a look.


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