Camera freezes after loading

Hi everyone,

For a business case I’m on a trial-membership of Zapworks. Honestly everything works really great and the tools are amazing.

But now I’m a but further in my project, I get a very annoying error when I open the link of my AR-project. When I open the link, I can start the project, the camera goes on and after the loading-logo is done, the camera freezes.

I’ve tried a lot in Zapworks Studio, trying to delete some parts, but with no luck. What can I do to fix this?

I hope someone here can help me further!

I use an iPhone on 13 Pro Max on iOS16.2 - Tried some other iPhones

This topic can be closed, this issue is fixed.

The object was not loaded properly, at the end I’ve uploaded the GLB version from Sketchfab.

I got the same error even thought I have relevant version