Camera doesn't work, cameraFrameTextureGL undefined

Hi everyone, trying to follow the javascript getting started guide but no matter what I do I can’t get the camera to work.

pipeline.cameraFrameTextureGL always returns undefined,
pipeline.cameraFrameDrawGL doesn’t have any effect

Here’s a minimal version of the code, can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Or better yet, does anyone have a working example that doesn’t rely on any of the 3D frameworks?

Besides the camera not working I noticed I have tons of errors at build time originating from Zappar.
I thought it may be related to webpack so I ditched the overcomplex CRA setup I’ve had and replaced it with a barebones one and now it’s working. I have no idea what was the exact issue but I suspect some modules in Zappar fail silently in development mode, and the errors I saw only at build time were what was causing it to fail (errors like “exports is not defined”, “MsgManager is not a constructor”).

Zappar has some issues with the way the modules work, I also didn’t manage to import it into codesandbox, had the same errors.

Hey @mmagarik,

CRA requires some webpack config changes. I’ve noted the instructions (without ejecting) for this over on your GitHub issue here :slight_smile: