Calibration error


Cannot complete calibration without getting error at end. What should i do differently. Using LG V20 with lens.


Hi Jim,

Sorry for the really slow reply here.

The most likely reasons are the lens not sitting flat on the device or the focus not being locked during the calibration process.

However I see that device already has a wide-angle camera next to the normal one. Can you confirm ZapBox is using the normal camera? I’m not sure our calibration would cope well with a double-wide-angle setup.

Most likely remains the lens not sitting flat due to the camera bump - see the Cardboard mod I made for my Galaxy S6 to get the lens flat over on the setup page:

You should also lock the focus to the world codes a couple of meters away as the first thing you do in calibration mode, before showing it the calibration grid.

I’d recommend watching over the calibration part of the video on that page, and also doing the check by visually looking back at the checkerboard after a successful calibration.

We’re also working on an update to the calibration UI to offer more guidance and to ensure you’re getting the frames required for a good calibration.

Hope that helps, but let me know if not and we’ll try and figure out a way to get some more debug data from your device so we can get to the bottom of it.