C4D workflow?


I reading the forum topic, I dont find a definitive workflow for c4d for create de object for import in studio
I downloaded PVRGeoPOD, but it works with blender and maya.

my question is:

if I download blender (open source) and use it as a bridge between c4d and zappar studio?

I explain:
I design my object with texture in c4d and save with .obj .fbx with .mtl ,
open with blender and save with powervr tool converter…

its correct? i dont want instal blender for nothing !! thanx


Hi @aweround,

As well as the POD format, ZapWorks Studio supports both FBX and OBJ file types.

When creating your model it’s a good idea to refer to Studio’s 3D limitations to ensure it will work when imported.

Hope this helps.

All the best,