Buttons, Videos and Timelines


Hi again… SO here is my new challenge that I’ve been playing with.
I am busy with a flyer to try and see if I can have a few different videos playing, depending on what button is pressed. On this one, I have 3 videos that are supposed to fly in from the bottom and play, depending on what button is pressed - the first one works. - thanks to previous help from @destery

However, I’m not sure how to add the other two videos (Cheetahs and Cape cobra) so that they play on the same plane and immediately as the button is pressed. Also, if the one video that works (heroes) is busy playing, I’d like it to happen that if the same button is pressed again, it then starts again from beginning … make sense??
Would appreciate ANY help on this - I’ve attached a link to the the ZZP file, as it’s a bit too big to uplaod here - 51MB and maximum is 50MB. @destery perhaps :smiley:
Tx in advance for any advice …


Hay Carl Here you go:grinning:
Hope it helps.



oh boy! This is so great - how do I thank you enough! ? :smiley: Really appreciate it!


The only thing I’ve noticed - it works exactly as wanted, other than it seems that if you press a button for a second or third video, the other continues to play at the same time - so you have audio overlapping … :wink:


ok I thought I fixed that.
ok. you have to stop/ pause the playing video before starting the next one.
I’ll take a look but it maybe a bit.



@carl looks like all you need to do is comment out or delete the other script in the hierarchy.

The one in the image here:

Once I did that everything seemed to do what it was supposed to.



SPOT ON!! I hope to also be one of the clever people in this forum one day … LOL!! Tx so much!


Thanks @destery I didn’t even look thru the other scripts to see if he added anything I needed to remove.


Ps. You can delete this whole Script @carl


TX so much - have done and working PERFECTLY! :sweat_smile: