Buttons not appearing on Video


I am using Designer and have attached 8 youtube videos to my canvas, each video has a button on top of it. But when I preview the zapcode only 5 buttons are appearing, I attempted the preview various times but only 5 buttons appear.

Any thoughts? The button limit isn’t 5 is it?




Problem Solved …I figured out that you CANNOT place an image or video on top of the Zapcode Logo or Designer seems to freak out…Problem solved…I was just trying to see how many videos I can place on the canvas…


Hi @abertaud,

You can place your content anywhere on the canvas, as long as it’s within the bounds.

The canvas itself represents your tracking image (visible in the background), and how your content will be positioned relative to it.

In instances where a tracking image hasn’t been set, the experience’s zapcode will be displayed in the canvas’ background. You will still be able to position content on your canvas. Without a tracking image however, your content will be displayed relative to the zapcode itself when scanned through the Zappar app.

Hope this helps. If you’re having any other issues with Designer please let us know :slight_smile:

All the best,