Building Zip For Unity WebGL


After building for it, I am having issues when scanning the QR Code and opening it.

Message: The specified key does not exist.
Not sure what is going on…

Would love some help!


Hi @david.tucciarone,

This error usually occurs when you don’t have an index.html in your project root - you may find this post helpful!

For Unity this can indeed get a little confusing, as we tend to have folders within folders! The easiest way to think of it is to upload the folder that includes your index.html, which is the folder you named when you built your project, not the entire Unity project folder itself.

Hopefully that makes sense!

Have a lovely day!
Francesca :blush:


Hello Francesca!

So it does include the index.html file. I am ziping this whole root folder and submitting it to Zapworks and I am still getting the error. This is after I have built it via Unity. I feel I am doing something wrong. I am building for WebGL through unity and it produces this build folder.


Hi @david.tucciarone,

Could you send the ZIP build folder to We’ll take a look.



Hello! I responded to this and emailed but have not received any feedback.

Can you guide me on how to build the project from Unity to work with Zappar?