[Bug Report] Z.Keyboard does not work on webar


test2.zpp (2.9 KB)

See attached file. The on-screen keyboard will show up if you run the experience using zappar’s app. But if you open using webar, it will not show up.

WebAR VS non (native zap app)
WebAR VS non (native zap app)

Here is the keyboard example zpp file. You will want to export the keyboard sub symbol to reuse.


Keyboard example.zpp (294.7 KB)


Hey @stevesanerd

So I made the AR on zapworks, there are four buttons that are working with a mouse click. I want to make it work on keypress. For example, If I press “A” it should take a snapshot if I press “S” that image should save in the system. I want to launch this on a desktop and use the physical keyboard. Kindly revert me back as soon as possible.


Ok so you are working in ZapWorks to make a WebAR that will run on a desktop pc not a mobile device?
I don’t know if we can get outside keyboard input with ZapWorks. The keyboard example isn’t a real keyboard. It’s just a bunch of buttons.

Hay @George can we get real keyboard input data?