[Bug Report] Referencing 3D model causes Zappar's app to crash


See attached file. It uses the Scrap Dog model. Instead of having the .pod file inside the subsymbol as usual, I have it on the parent symbol, and pass it by reference.

Try to preview with Zappar’s app, it will crash.

I know how to do it the usual way, I did it like this because the use case is that there are a few models that have the same animations, so I decided to make a single symbol and reference the fbx and materials.

referenceModelBug.zpp (665.8 KB)


Hi @marks,

This will happen when a default material isn’t set in the model subsymbol, causing an error.

There’s actually a fallback material Index property within a model object which specifies which of the materials set on an object to use if a mesh references a material that doesn’t exist. Could be of help here?



It’s not the material that is not set, it’s the type.


Sorry @marks,

Apologies, I misread! As mentioned in the support ticket, you’ll need a default type set in the subsymbol for the experience to run without any issues. You can then update this type using the referenced property - this can be straight away on runtime.