[Bug Report] Referenced timeline in parent symbol ignores labels and audios


The bug is pretty simple. If you have an animation in a subsymbol, and you reference it, and try to play the referenced animation on an animation from the parent, any labels or sounds from the subsymbol’s animation will be ignored. If you have labels and/or sounds on an animation from a subsymbol, they will only work if you call the animation directly. Referencing it won’t work.

Attached is a very simple example project. The sound I got from https://www.zapsplat.com/

test.zpp (504.2 KB)


Any news on this? Is this by design? It would be extremely useful if this worked. There are many cases where you reference an animation from the subsymbol an call it multiple times on a timeline in the parent. So instead of having multiple labels on the parent’s timeline, there could be just one on the subsymbol and then have it called in the parent.