Bug Report: Attitude Orient resets briefly on scene adjustments (w/Panoramas)


I explain and show the problem I’m experiencing here on YouTube.

Here’s what I’ve been experiencing across multiple designs:

  • Making a Panorama using a Photo Sphere, Attitude Orient, and Camera Transform (for focal length adjustment)
  • When making many sorts of adjustments (eg adding an object, duplicating an object) the view orientation of the camera inside the panorama is reset to [0,0,0]. With a slight adjustment to the camera orbit tool, the orientation instantly goes back to where it had been. (And, presumably, where it should have been the entire time.)

I have NOT confirmed this on Windows or any other OS versions. Here is the zpp file: AVE_Panorama_Hurricane_Part1.zpp (2.1 MB)


I get the same thing on a Windows 10 pc.
I don’t remember getting that in the past.



Thanks for this reporting this @benubyu!

Really helpful video and explanation. I can confirm the same happens across both Mac and Windows OS.

I’ll forward it to the Studio engineers and hopefully we can fix this for the next Studio update.

If you find any other bugs or issues, be sure to let us know. :slight_smile:



One additional note on this bug: when I press the TAB key after making a change to a name in the Heirarchy window, it does NOT reset the Attitude Orient, though were I to press RETURN or ENTER, it does. It’s a little finicky even with this, but I’m getting into this habit so I don’t have to make corrections quite so often.