[Bug Report] Adding a video file to a project permanently increases its size even if you remove it afterwards


The video I got from here: https://docs.zap.works/studio/tutorials/streaming-video-in-the-3d-view/

It’s very simple. The “test.zpp” file is simply an empty project. The “testWithVideo.zpp” is a project with a video. The “testVideoRemoved.zpp” is an empty project that once had the aforementioned video. Notice that “testVideoRemoved.zpp” has the same size as “testWithVideo.zpp” even though it has no video.

test.zpp (2.9 KB)
testVideoRemoved.zpp (1008.3 KB)
testWithVideo.zpp (1008.4 KB)


I don’t believe this is a bug.
Studio has commit versions that are added to it’s zpp files. You should be able to restore the video file by going to commit history and selecting the one before you deleted the file.
Now the file size I watch for is the posting size. See images.
As you can see the uploaded file size is the same for the empty file and the one with the removed video.




The previewed value/published value is correct, but when you export the zpp file the size will be artificially inflated. Download the “testVideoRemoved.zpp”, import, preview. See the size. Now, export it. Look at the size again.


Yep I see that. Like I said I believe that’s because of the commit versions.
You can undo things and go back to other save points in history. So if I’m right your video file is still in the zpp file under a saved version from one of the commit points.



If you import the zpp and look at the commit history, you will find nothing though. The commit history only existed originally when I created the zpp, added the video, and removed it. After exporting the zpp, deleting the project from studio and re-importing, the commit history is gone. I think it’s like this because the zpp is supposed to be exported in its current state only, not taking into account the commit history. So every zpp you import will have a blank commit history. Because of this, I don’t think the video should be increasing the zpp’s size when it’s no longer there. If the commit history was available, I’d agree with you.


That I didn’t know. I would think the zpp file should have your commit history in the export so if you share it with someone they can use it. So it would be nice to have a export without commit history and/or a clear commit history added to zapworks.


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