BUG: Force Quit Required After Clicking Edit Icon of Properties Panel


Not sure where to report bugs, but I’m a new user and encountered the following when exploring the image tracking example…

I had to force quit the app to get rid of the dialog.
EDIT: I’m running macOS 10.15.1 (Catalina)


I would email this to the guys at support@zappar.com



Done. Thanks.


Hi @shot,

Thanks for letting us know. This is something we are aware of and have fixed in the newest version of Studio. The version with the fix is not currently released but we will let you know on the forum when it is live.

Thanks again.



Ok, thanks.

Is there a public issue tracker so that folks can upvote and add comments/detail to reported issues, and more importantly, so that folks don’t have to waste time reporting known issues?


Hello @George,

Is there any ETA for this new Studio Version or some spoiler about what is coming for us? :eyes:

att, Higão.


Was just thinking the same thing lol