Blender & Zapworks


Iv’e had no luck importing anything from Blender into Zapworks, even a basic cube. I’ve followed the exportation tutorial trying .fxb and .obj. The preview before importing shows me my model but once I add it and drag it over to the group wher e the demo model lives I get nothing. I’ve attached my files if anyone at Zappar or the Community can help please.
island_painted100.obj (1.6 MB)


@xadorlabs looking at your obj file it doesn’t work with zapworks. I get an error loading the file. Indexed Triangle list warning



Has anyone got a fix for the “Indexed Triangle list warning”. Im in Blender. Any help please would be rad!




Ok I tried Triangulating a basic cube in Blender and importing it into Zapworks. Still the same problem. Doe’s anyone at Zapworks have a basic tutorial to get a basic object out of Blender into Zapworks? This would be awesome!


Hi @xadorlabs,

Please take a look at our 3D model documentation, more importantly - Exporting (from Blender) and Importing into Studio.

If you are still having problems. Feel free to send across the most up to date model to



What file type are you exporting it as?


I’m having the exactly same issue, and the “3D model documentation” doesn’t help I know. It is so sad, did you solve this problem anyway? I appreciate if you share some info that helps.


I had the same issue with support. They defaulted to the 3D documentation that isn’t updated to the current Blender (exporting menu completely different) and I had to throw everything into meshlabs.