Blank Screen Crash Issue


I’m been working on a project for about a week, and this afternoon my project window went completely blank. I am using version 6.5.11 Florence. I’ve noticed this issue on other projects, but by quitting ZapWorks and relaunching, luckily, the projects reappeared.

Not this time. Even with going back to earlier commits, the screen is blank.

Other projects seem to be okay and can be opened.


You may need to send your zpp file to the guys at zappar.



Thanks Steve. I was also wondering if Support follows the forum too.


Hi @jmw,

When Studio’s viewport goes black and crashes, it is usually because there is an error with the project. Most of the time it is something annoyingly small but project breaking, the thread below is an example of this.

Similar to this thread here:

Please double check you’re not setting anything relative to itself or that there are any clear issues.

If you can’t find anything then please send the ZPP through to where we will take a look and see if we can find anything.

Hope this helps.



So I reworked the animations and the animation code, but that didn’t help. Then I deleted a couple of planes that I was using for background and somehow that was the issue. I’m going to put those back and see if it crashes again.


Added the planes back in and all is okay. The only difference I can think of is that previously I duplicated the planes to retain settings, and this time I created new planes.


by making a duplicate plan what type of error happened it is the same as previous one ,
i don’t why is it so happen