Black Screen on iOS


Hi Team. I’ve tried to make a simple video player and trigger. The video streams and works great on Android… but on all the iOS devices I’ve tried, the entire screen goes black after it it loads the experience and it seems like the app has crashed. Any solutions for this?


Hi Gulliver,

Could you please email along with a link to your project’s URL so we can have a look for you?

Hope to hear from you,



My team and I are having a similar issue; we are just loading an image from a URL though. The image loads fine on Android, but does not load in IOS devices - displaying a black box where the image should be. @gulliver were you able to find a solution for the issue with your video?



Hi Danielle,

Please feel free to get in touch with if you still have this issue and we’ll be happy to help.



Thanks @Bob, my associate (Peter Chang) has already sent over the project/issue and we have had little response. Is there anything you can do on your end to see if the team has recieived the issue / has an estimate on time to troubleshoot?


Hi Danielle,

We’ve been able to make contact with Peter and will resolve your issue via :slight_smile: