Black Screen Issue


Hey Sebastian,

I made a new discovery today. This last keyframe of timeline causing black screen in Studio thing also causes a crash in the Zappar app, but only on iOS. Android seems to handle it fine. If I alter the last keyframe so that it does not run the pod animationFrame to the very last one everything is ok.

I’ve gotten permission from our client to send models from this project to you guys for support, so I’ll try to isolate one with the issue and send it your way soonish. Hopefully that can shed some light on the problem and help you guys figure it out :slight_smile:


Hey Ero,

It sounds like quite a strange issue.

Sending over a model with the error present will definitely help us to pinpoint the cause, thank you so much!

If you send it to I can contact you through that channel, to maintain the privacy of your client.

If there are any solutions to share I can post an update on this thread.

All the best,


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I am experiencing the same black screen issue. It happened to me when I was working through the 3D football game tutorial. I got tot he Bezier curves section with the timeline and it went to a black screen. Is there a fix to this? Any tips on undoing what I may have done? I have the .zpp file saved so I could send that in as well. Thanks.


Hey there,

Thanks for letting us know, this is an issue we’re currently looking into.

In most cases closing Studio and re-opening it resolves the black screen issue but if it continues, it would be worth performing a clean install of Studio.

Could you please let me know if the black screen error is still present after taking these steps?



So after a fresh install the file that had the black screen issue is still experiencing it. I do not have this issue with any other projects. If it helps any it happened when I was working in the timeline and adjusting the bezier curves for the football tutorial. Thanks for the help.



Hey Destery,

Thanks for going through those steps.

Does the black screen occur right after opening the project, or after a while?

Also, could you send through the project that’s causing the issue to please?



Hi Seb,

Every time I open the project it just starts at a black screen. I will send it over to support. Thanks.



Hi, I’m having the same issue. I change my Videoplayer relative to and everything went black. The same issue on all my projects as well. Did I press something on accident?


Hi @vu.v.lam,

Does the black screen stay even after restarting Studio?

Also, could you please send an email through to with the the following:

  • Studio version (select About after clicking the lightning bolt symbol in Studio)
  • System information
  • Steps needed to reproduce error
  • Screenshots and error logs, if possible



Hi Sebastian,

Restarting the software and reloading it still had the black screen issue. I was only able to fix this after reinstalling Zapworks.

Sorry I didn’t keep any record of the incident.


No worries @vu.v.lam.

If it happens again you can send an email to support with the information from the previous post, for us to take a closer look.

All the best,


thanks, will do!


I’m assuming this hasn’t been resolved yet. I’m having exactly the same problem and it is making the project impossible to work on. Please can you let me/us know what is happening. Thanks.


I have had it happen to me as well. Along with some other bugs I have found. I was going to write up a list later.



Our team are definitely looking into it and we’ll be sure to report back as soon as we have new information to share.

@stevesanerd - if you’ve encountered some bugs, a list would also be super useful for us to take a look at, appreciated.


Happened to me as well. Two hours of work gone :sweat_smile:
animation_3Buttons_ERR.zpp (18.1 MB)


Did you upload any of your code to one of your zapcodes? Not the preview one. If so you can go online and download it from zappar.



Hi @wika90,

The black screen issue arises when there is a problem with the project.

For your ZPP, the issue is because the background.png1 object is set to be relative to itself, which for obvious reasons will cause errors.

Please remove this property and re-open the project.

Let me know if this solves the problem.


Blank Screen Crash Issue

Thank you, so much! one miss-click crashed the whole thing :slight_smile:

Also, good to know that if something like this happens, one has to look for stupid mistakes!

I am really happy with the level of your support! It’s really comprehensive :grinning:


So I had the same issue here multiple times when accidentally referencing something to itself. I could solve it by referencing it to something different and then restarting ZapWorks studio.

It should not be possible to reference something to itself especially when this causes an error where it is not really obvious what causes the error, so I would ask for a new feature to implement to don’t allow self-referencing - if there is not a reason to make this. It would prevent people getting frustrated as this topic show :slight_smile:.