Black nodes surrounding 3D model


I’m using zappar studio and have imported an textured a .fbx model. Within Zappar Studio it all looks fine, but once it’s published and I’m viewing it through the app there are these black nodes and shapes as seen in the video I’ve attatched.

I’m not sure whether it could be part of the model, or whether its something to do with the materials/lighting. But I thought I’d reach out and see if anyone knows what’s going on. As stated, this is only something I can see once in the app, there’s nothing visible when previewing in Studio, or when opening the fbx. in blender, etc.

Any help at all would be hugely appreciated :slight_smile:


Hey @1125kyle,

Looks like the objects might have been exported with the mesh. I believe Blender has an option to Export Hidden Objects when exporting a 3D model, which will include any meshes hidden in the scene. Was this option selected do you know?

Could you send your 3D model (along with textures) and your project’s zpp over to for us to take a closer look at please?


Anybody having instances of artefacts appearing on Zappar 3d scans?