Basic Problem. Trained images won't display in Studio


Hello, I’m having an issue at the most basic level. I can’t seem to get any images to show up in my project.

  1. I go to Media Libarary, click the plus, train image… drag the trained image to Root in the Heirarchy. A white border of a plane shows up in the viewer. No image.

  2. I drag a Plane to the Root in the Heirarchy, import an image in the media library, click on the Plane, choose my image from the dropdown under Materials. No image. Just a small square with axis handles.

Is there a button or switch or view or something that I need to click in order to see the artwork? When I start a project from the examples section in the app welcome screen, the artwork is there. However I can’t see any of my own when I import.

Any ideas??

Thank you.

ps- I’m using a 30 day trial

I’m using a late 2012 iMac
OS X El Capitan
32GB memory


It sounds like your image may have a problem.
If you post it here I will try to help.



Hi Steve, thanks for responding. Here is a link to a video of what I’m doing, and attached is an image I’m using. Appreciate your help!





I don’t know why it’s giving you a problem but here is a file with the image trained and a plane set to the same image.


daveleonardtv.zpp (665.6 KB)


Thanks for taking the time. It’s so bizarre that none of my images show up in the app. The images you trained and imported work fine. 3D animation is easier than this thing…


You may want to reload zapworks. I haven’t had that many problems with it. The only time I have was importing 3d models and even then it was the model not zapworks.



hey, i have the same problem here, i have tried evrything and it wont works, please tell me how i must do, thanks