Basic Blender .fbx file export doesn't look right when imported


I have been trying to figure this out for a while but my import of a 3d model using the .fbx file export isn’t working.

I have looked at the documentation and made sure all the settings are correct but it still won’t import correctly.

Here is an example of an .fbx I tried importing of just a simple block but I wasn’t getting anything to appear even when changing the using material setting.

Any help is appreciated! :slight_smile:


I’m not really a modeler but when I export it as a pod file it works. even the timeline.

Basic Blender (2.2 KB)



Importing as an .obj does allow for the model to come in but .obj files can’t do animations. That is why I am trying to export as a .fbx file. Do you have any luck with that?


Not with your model. because I’m more programer I don’t do much modeling. You may want to add the pod exporter to blender. That does do animations.



Thanks Steve!

I downloaded the was able to get the importer to work for POD files but I am not seeing textures with these files. I have tried a number of exports but Zapworks studio is not recognizing any areas for textures to be loaded but the animations do seem to be active. Have any ideas as to why the textures are not loading?

Here is one of the test files I tried of just a basic square.