I have seen an AR experience (not zappar) where you blow into the phone to knock over a stack of cards. Is this type of experience possible with zappar? And if so could you point me in the right direction please. My guess is somehow accessing the phones barometer to trigger events based on air pressure changes?

Thanks so much!


Hi @luke,

This is not currently a functionality that Zappar offer. Although it sounds like a cool idea, the wider appeal means that it’s not in our pipeline and is not something we will be working on!

Nevertheless, we do have some exciting features and updates planned for Zappar and ZapWorks so keep an eye out for these!




I suspect it’s actually the microphone being used in the other app.

We don’t have plans to provide microphone data through to scenes though; both privacy and performance would be hard to get right, and as @George mentions there aren’t many use-cases we can think of to make this a priority at the moment.