Background audio doesn't upload


Hi there! Since yesterday I’m having a problem: after I bought a pack of 10 projects, in two of them I uploaded a short mp3 file in the “Background sound” section. The file looked like it was uploaded, but then I got a Zappifyng loading that never ends or proceeds. I noticed that the file I uploaded is not in the media library.

What I tried next is to upload the file in the sound section, and it works there (the mp3 files are now in the media library) but I need the audio as background and I can’t set it up because of the never ending loading.

Today I see that the zappifying processes are still at the same point of the never ending loading, and I can’t cancel it from anywhere. What I can do at the moment is to start a new project, upload the file in the sound section, so the mp3 will be uploaded in the media library, then I can delete the audio button and set up the background audio section by choosing the files from the library.

I just tried to upload a different file for a new project, and still it is the same as yesterday. I want to mention that these files are very short, a few seconds each.
I really can’t figure out what’s happening, until yesterday I normally used the free projects and everything was just fine with the background audio. Hope you can help me. Thank you!


I have exactly the same problem, when I try to upload an mp3 for background sound it just gets stuck on ‘Zappifying’ and you can’t do anything with it. This only started happening a few days ago but it is doing it on all new projects in Designer



Hola Tengo el mismo problema, el audio de fondo no me carga, que debo hacer ?


Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention! I’ve highlighted this to the team and so we’ll be investigating it as soon as possible. :zap:

In the mean time, you could potentially use a sound object in Designer that runs on start or, use ZapWorks Studio to have repeating background audio.

I’ll keep this thread in my pinned tabs and report back once I hear more!

Have a great day,
Francesca :blush:


Hi there, what I did to “fix it” was deleting the projects, I created some new, and uploaded a sound object. After that I deleted the button, and then set the background sound by selecting the audio file from the library. I had to find a quick solution, and needed it as background sound. I honestly didn’t expect any answer after so many days, and never thought about zapworks studio, it’s too difficult for me.


Thanks Uriel - a nice work around until the issue is fixed. Any progress on this?