Back Patch


Hello everyone

I was exploring some light resoucers and then I saw this node here:


And this is his properties:


So I was trying to test and discover what’s his use but I could not find anything. I looked through the forum and documentation but had nothing about it. Also I looked by other engines documentation to see if this was similar to anything but again I’ve found nothing about it.

So… What ecxatly this node do? Why it requests a material and has this kinda of position array? Do anyone has an example of it use?

att, Higão.


Hey Higor! :smiley:

The Back Patch node is a way of adding a background behind a text object, that fits the text. It’s quite a niche functionality so it looks like we haven’t gotten around to documenting yet unfortunately.

All the best,


Hey @Seb,

Thanks for replying my question. I tryied here and fits very well. I just think that is the same of what I already do, creating a group and setting the image with the text there.But yet is a very cool thing. Maybe more organized if there’s too many texts.

Att, Higão.