Back at it again with another question! (timelines and scripting)


Good morning all, hope everyone had a nice weekend.

So I am at slight stump nearing the completion of my little AR project. What I am stuck at is that I am trying to have A 3d Object appear at the press of a button and then start rotating 360 degrees on a loop. I have 2 separate timelines, the scale timeline (from 0-1) and a rotate timeline which is on loop (from 0-360) The reason as to why I have the timelines separate is so the model can continuously rotate on loop until instructed otherwise only have the Scale occur when the button is pressed. Adding both timelines to a button’s pointerdown script doesn’t seem to work so is there any specific scripts for this or a workaround if any?


Edit: After spending the morning playing around with stuff on studio I was able to successfully get it to work. What I did if anyone is wondering was placed both timelines into individual controllers.


Great that you found a solution! Alternatively you could run a ‘complete’ event in the script. AKA when timeline #1 is complete, play timeline #2.