AutoPlay local video in studio


Hi there,

I am struggling to find a way I can have a video autoplay as soon as the tracking image scanned. A function that is similar to that in zapworks design, but however I want to achieve the same thing in studio. If I can zap an image and a video autoplays and as soon as it finishes, it closes back to the track image.



Right click on your tracking image. Add script ‘seen’ and add there function to play your video. Like this for example:

parent.on("seen", () => {
	// Runs when seen occurs on the parent node
	const Videoplayer = symbol.nodes.Videoplayer;



Thank you for the help I have tried the above code but it, still is not playing, it could be something im not doing right im not very familiar with coding. but what I have done, which might give you more insight in the file, I have placed a plane above the trigger image, and made the video I want to play the plane’s material. Is that the right way of doing things coz I want the video to play as if the poster is coming alive.