Automatic transition between scenes


Hello! Im a noob in this and Im using the designer version.
I want to create automatic transitions between scenes without any action button. Is that possible?

My other option was to create a video instead, but i want a video without background (transparent). What to do? as I only have photoshop to make this stop motion / mp4 video.

Thank you.


Hi Shreya,

I recommend you read our article here on creating transparent video. We only support FLV encoded with VP6 with Alpha. It is last known to be exportable via Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

As an action is required from the user to navigate to a different scene to make the Transition Out occur, automatic transitions are not possible.

If you’re creating an AR experience which is contained within your tracking image, you might find it useful to create the video while using your tracking image as the background in Photoshop while animating your other content.

Hope this helps,