Augmented Portal Competition (Through A Glass Darkly)

By the skin of my teeth! Aaaarch. I wish I had one more day to refine it more.

I wasn’t going to enter the comp this time round because of work commitments, but then I had an idea two days ago :slight_smile:


Edit: I added my last update below and will resubmit as well :slight_smile:


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Hey Len,

Awesome experience, you actually have until midnight GMT to submit your experience so you’re more than welcome to work on it a little further and re-submit or re-publish to the code.


Really awesome experience Len. Thanks for taking part again! Some really strong entries from everyone this time around.

I was coincidently reading about the water shortage in Cape Town on my way to work this morning. Sounds really quite scary.

As Mark mentioned, you have a bit of time to add some polish if you feel it needs it.

Hi Mark and Chris!

Thank you guys :slight_smile: Much appreciated!

@Mark: Oh gosh haha I obviously misread the day and time a bit. Thank you Mark I’ll definitely do some tweaks and add-ins.

@Chris: It’s a pleasure Chris! Definitely its great to see the other awesome entries! :smiley: Gosh yes its quite frightening hey, we’ve been staring at this eventuality for quite some time and doing everything we can to save water. But it looks like Day Zero is going to happen, could even be sooner than the dates I mentioned. Another date I saw this morning was for March 3. Six weeks from now. The fat lady hasn’t sung yet though, so we still have some hope. People just need to save drastically, and pray for rain! :slight_smile: Thanks Chris I’ll definitely make some tweaks :slight_smile:

Hey guys I updated my tracking image above, and will re-submit now as well :slight_smile:

I made some changes to the experience as well.

Thank you!

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Very nicely done!
I heard about it as well on-line. I hope things work out for them. Are you affected by it?


Thank you Steve! :slight_smile: I love you entries as well! :smiley:

Yes I live in Cape Town so I’m directly affected by it. We’ve been doing everything we can as a family to do our bit by saving as much water as we can for more than a year now, showering in buckets and using the collected greywater for flushing toilets and watering the garden etc. Unfortunately at this stage it looks like the taps will be turned off come April. So planning for the worst at this stage, hopefully we’ll manage for enough drinking water over that time and pray that anarchy won’t break out, if it does we’ll probably have to temporarily evacuate to a nearby town or farm. Unfortunately the whole city of 4 mil people can’t do that so if the government doesn’t handle this crisis effectively it could be chaos.

Really sorry to hear that.
Your by the ocean right? Do you do your own distillation?

Thanks Steve.
Unfortunately the answer to that is a complex one. There’s some small desalination plants coming online and other water augmentation systems in progress like tapping underground aquifers. Many of them are running behind schedule and at the end of the day it won’t be enough to avert the crisis. Tenders were made to build a big desalination plant last year, which could mostly have been online by now and saved the situation had it been accepted, but it was turned down by provincial government. It’s become a political finger pointing war between national and provincial government, and provincial government among themselves. National government refuses to declare it a national emergency and has up to now also refused to release funds for projects. Both are failing the citizens. It really is quite frightening lol.

@westcreations Congrats on you zap making the top list!

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Thank you Steve! Congrats to you as well! :slight_smile: