Audio issues on mobile devices

Hi Everyone,
I’m having issues getting audio files to play in webAR when published from Studio. To try and figure it out, I made two files. One in studio where the audio file should play when the experience starts, and it also plays on the click of a button. The other project is in Designer where the file plays on the click of a button.

In Studio, the audio file only works in the Zappar app. In designer the audio file plays just fine in both the webAR and the zappar app. I’m using an iPhone 13, but discovered the issue (with a previous activity) existed for all mobile devices. At this point, I’m sure it’s something I’m doing (or not doing) in studio since the file plays in webAR published by Designer.
I’ve read what few conversations I have found in the forum and reviewed the documents, but can’t find the problem. Does anyone have any advice? QR, Zap codes and the image for the designer project are attached.